Clinical trials are the “gold standard” for evaluating which treatments work best in medicine. However the results of these trials are still routinely left unreported. This undermines the ability of doctors, researchers and patients to make informed decisions about which treatments work best.

Our TrialsTracker project has produced a wide range of tools and initiatives to monitor and improve clinical trial reporting. Our live audit tools have received extensive global media coverage from the FT, BBC, Telegraph, Times, Nature, Le Figaro, CBC, La Sante, and more. Data on our FDAAA TrialsTracker updates every working day: it monitors compliance with the FDA Amendment Act 2007, a US law requiring sponsors to report results onto within 12 months of completion. You can read our preprint about the design of the FDAAA TrialsTracker and read our full analysis on reporting under FDAAA in The Lancet.

Our EU TrialsTracker monitors compliance with EU guidelines on the EU clinical trials registry (EUCTR). You can read our full analysis based on the EU TrialsTracker in The BMJ.

Our original prototype TrialsTracker also remains online for interest and you can read the archive of our BMJ series “Unreported Trial of the Week”.

We have also evaluated the quality of trial reporting, and trial reporting policies among commercial and non-commercial funders of clinical research. Our COMPare project wrote correction letters to academic journals when they published trial reports that breached CONSORT guidance and misreported their prespecified outcomes (see here and here). We also work on other research integrity issues including conflicts of interests and retracted papers.

Latest TrialsTracker blog posts

Research Integrity Update - Feb 2024

Details on two new papers from the Bennett Institute Research Integrity Team.

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Bennett Conference session 1: Research Integrity & Policy

The first session in the Bennett Conference discussed past and present work of the Institute on research integrity and policy issues.

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First Impressions of the EU CTIS Registry

The Clinical Trial Information System (CTIS) is the European Union’s new registry set to fully replace the existing EU Clinical Trials Registry next year. Nick DeVito decided to take a spin through the registry and record some of his initial thoughts.

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Latest TrialsTracker papers

  1. Compliance with legal requirement to report clinical trial results on a cohort study

    Lancet FDAAA Paper


    • Policy Insights
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  2. FDAAA TrialsTracker: A live informatics tool to monitor compliance with FDA requirements to report clinical trial results

    FDAAA TrialsTracker Pre-Print

    Status: Preprint


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  3. Personalised Medicine Using N-of-1 Trials: Overcoming Barriers to Delivery

    Paper about the importance of N-of-1 trials in healthcare


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  4. Too few trials or too few reported trials?

    Highlighting that there is a serious ongoing issue with the results of completed trials not being reported.


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