Research Integrity

The results of clinical trials are used by doctors, researchers and patients to make informed choices about treatments. Sadly, the results of clinical trials are commonly left unreported, despite several decades of guidelines, position statements, policies and even legislation. There is an active global campaign around this issue at

Our work on research integrity brings together a range of audits and trackers all monitoring the trial reporting performance and policies of pharmaceutical companies, universities, funders, sponsors, and other organisations. These include:

Latest Research Integrity blog posts

Research Integrity Update - Feb 2024

Details on two new papers from the Bennett Institute Research Integrity Team.

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First Impressions of the EU CTIS Registry

The Clinical Trial Information System (CTIS) is the European Union’s new registry set to fully replace the existing EU Clinical Trials Registry next year. Nick DeVito decided to take a spin through the registry and record some of his initial thoughts.

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OpenPrescribing July Newsletter

OpenPrescribing and Bennett Institute Papers It has been a busy month for paper publication at The Bennett Institute. We have written a brief description of the most recent papers below. Please sharewith colleagues and get in touch if you have any relevant observations! Remember you can read all our academic papers related to OpenPrescribing on our research page. Hospital medicines data: We are frequently contacted at OpenPrescribing about when we are going to make a hospital version.

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Latest Research Integrity papers

  1. How we learnt to stop worrying and love web scraping

    Nature web scraping article


    • Open Working
    • Research Integrity
  2. Suboptimal prescribing behaviour associated with clinical software design features: a retrospective cohort study in English NHS primary care

    EHR design paper


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    • Research Integrity
  3. Why researchers should share their analytic code

    BMJ Editorial


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    • Policy Insights
    • Research Integrity
  4. Catalogue of bias: publication bias.

    Reviewing causes of publication bias in medical literature


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