Here you can find some example media coverage of our work. If you would like to talk to us about any of our projects, then please get in touch.


Economist:The pandemic has spawned a new way to study medical records May 2020 by Hal Hodson

Independent: Coronavirus: Underlying health conditions don’t explain higher BAME deaths, say scientists May 2020 by Shaun Lintern

ZDNet: This open source project is using Python, SQL and Docker to understand coronavirus health data June 2018 by Jo Best

New York Times: Study of 17 Million Identifies Crucial Risk Factors for Coronavirus Deaths July 2020 by Katherine Wu

MIT Technology Review: These are the factors that put you at higher risk of dying from covid-19 July 2020 by Charlotte Jee

BBC: Coronavirus: Living with children ‘no increased risk’ November 2020 by Naomi Grimley

Daily Mail: Parents of schoolchildren do NOT face a greater risk of being admitted to hospital or dying of the coronavirus, study finds November 2020 by Luke Andrews and Ben Spencer


Launching the FDAAA TrialsTracker

The Scientist: New Automated Tool Monitors Clinical Trial Reporting February 2018 by Diana Kwon

BBC: Tool ‘names and shames’ hidden drug trials February 2018 by Chris Foxx

Wired: Bad results from drug trials no longer have a place to hide March 2018 by Abigail Beall

Reporting on FDAAA Compliance

BMJ: Clinical trial reporting: compliance with US rules is poor and not improving, study finds January 2020 by Jacqui Wise

Bloomberg: Missing Study Findings Leave Public in Dark and $4 Billion Short Jan. 17, 2020, 11:31 PM January 2020 by Jeanni Baumann

ENDPOINTS NEWS: What do Mass General, the NCI and Mayo Clinic have in common? They routinely blow off an FDA rule on posting trial results January 2020 by Jason Mast

Medscape: Most Clinical Trials Still Don’t Report Results by Deadline January 2020 by Marcia Frelllick

The Lancet Respiratory Medicine: Compliance with clinical trial reporting February 2020 by Talha Khan Burki

EU TrialsTracker Launch

Telegraph: Public Health England withholding vaccines results making it impossible to establish if drugs could be harmful September 2018 by Henry Bodkin

Science: Universities are worse than drug companies at reporting clinical trial results September 2018 by Tania Rabesandratana

Reuters: Half of Europe’s clinical trials fail to report results despite EU rule September 2018 by Kate Kelland

Launching the Prototype TrialsTracker

Nature: Tracker flags up failures to report clinical trials November 2016 by Heidi Ledford


Science: Major medical journals don’t follow their own rules for reporting results from clinical trials February 2019 by Jocelyn Kaiser


The Times: Tales of ruin and recovery ease the pain of opioid addiction August 2020 by Katie Gibbons

Telegraph: NHS issued 2,000 homeopathic prescriptions in 2019 despite ban September 2020 by Rosie Taylor