Due to technical problems, the sound quality on the first part of this session is poor. The speakers within that portion of the session have decided to re-record their presentations, and we will upload those recordings in the New Year.

The third session in the Bennett Conference was a series of talks describing the overall operation of the OpenSAFELY platform and service, including some short technical deep dives into interesting aspects of the software.

This session was led by Seb Bacon, Chief Technical Officer at the Bennett Institute for Applied Data Science. Speakers were:

  • Becky Smith - Software Developer
  • Peter Inglesby - Software Developer
  • Simon Davy - Consultant Software Developer
  • Catherine Stables - Lead Product Manager
  • Amir Merkhar - Senior Clinical Researcher
  • Linda Nab - Epidemiologist
  • Louis Fisher - Data Scientist
  • Pete Stokes - Director of Development