This week we have launched a new email alerting service that covers all of NHS England. Many users of OpenPrescribing already receive our monthly newsletter and our innovative email alert service for practice and CCG prescribing measures and for price concessions. We have now developed this service covering all of England based on user feedback. To sign up, just go to the All England page and enter your email address in the box beside the measures categories (see screenshot below).

This first iteration of our new All England email alerts service is very similar to the All England dashboard, and updates you on current national spending figures and opportunities for savings. Our practice and CCG alerts additionally incorporate an innovative methodology (see methods paper here) to determine change in comparison to peers. England does not have any peers currently* on OpenPrescribing so we have to develop a completely new form of email alerts. At the very top of every alert you will receive, is the following text

This is the first iteration of our new experimental service and we are keen for feedback. Please respond to this email with thoughts and ideas for features you would like to see.

Please respond. You can see and comment on the types of features I would like to see here to prompt thoughts about new features. At the Bennett Institute we pride ourselves on developing our tools swiftly and iterating them based on the needs of our users. We believe that the most useful tools are built by listening to our users and pooling them with the knowledge and skills of our small mixed team of clinicians, academics, and software engineers. As always please get in touch at

We would love to make peers available by building other country pages (Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Australia etc.) please get in touch if you know where we can get funds to support development.