In February, we posted our first Unreported Trial of the Week here in the Bennett Institute blog highlighting a trial from Columbia University. Since then, that trial has submitted results to and Unreported Trial of the Week has moved to the BMJ!

Each week we profile a new unreported clinical trial that has not reported results in accordance with their legal requirements. You can see all four trials we have profiled thus far as well as the introductory post at the BMJ. A short summary and a link to each of the first four trials is provided below.

You can find more about unreported trials and stay up-to-date with our work with the FDAAA TrialsTracker and by following us on twitter @FDAAATracker. Here is a summary of the Unreported Trials to date!

Unreported clinical trial of the week: analgesics after third molar extraction (NCT02133326)

This trial compared post-operative pain when receiving intravenous ibuprofen or intravenous paracetamol (“acetaminophen”) prior to wisdom tooth extraction. This unreported trial was sponsored by Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Massachusetts, where it was also conducted. The primary investigator is Dr Archana Viswanath.

Unreported clinical trial of the week: antibiotics to reduce propionibacterium acnes in shoulder arthroplasty (NCT03115177)

A trial examining whether treatment with doxycycline reduced the presence of P.Acnes in patients undergoing shoulder replacement surgery*.* The P.Acnes bacteria can lead to post-operative complications which may require costly additional surgeries. This unreported trial was sponsored by Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, USA. The PI is Dr. Allison Rao who took responsibility for the registry information.

Unreported clinical trial of the week: effectiveness of ketamine for treating cocaine dependency (NCT01535937)

This trial examined whether treatment with ketamine, commonly used in anaesthesia, could aid in treating patients with cocaine dependency. This trial was sponsored by the New York State Psychiatric Institute in collaboration with the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). The PI is Elias Dakwar and the Study Chair is Herbert Kleber. Since our post, this trial has submitted results to

Unreported trial of the week: ketorolac vs nepafenac after cataract surgery (NCT02752646)

This trial was designed to compare the tolerability of ketorolac and nepafenac, two approved nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, following cataract surgery. This trial was sponsored by MDbackline LLC in collaboration with Alcon Research. The PI is Dr. John A Hovanesian of the UCLA Jules Stein Eye Institute.

We hope that the results for all these trials are reported soon. Stay tuned as we continue to update the FDAAA TrialsTracker and profile unreported trials!