We’ve recently added the option to download your results from the Analyse searches you complete on OpenPrescribing.

There are now three ways to download data from the site. We do also offer free custom extracts, so if there is anything you are struggling to get from the website yourself send us an e-mail.Update: Due to resource limitations we are no longer able to offer free custom extracts.

If you download and use any data from OpenPrescribing please link back to us or cite us.


You can find instructions on how to run searches on the analyse page here. We’ve added a button to click if you want to download the data once you’ve run a search:

This gives you the option to download the data in csv format, which you can then open in Excel (or similar software).

This is a new feature, so if you find any bugs or have any suggestions for improvements get in touch.

You can download prescribing data from the past 5 years for any chemical or BNF chapter by using our trends pages. You can search either by a drug’s chemical name or by BNF section. Once you have found the page you’re interested in, scroll to the bottom to either download the national data or download the data by CCG.


Advanced users can use our API to download data. Instructions for this are found here.